Rules and Policies

These are the rules and policies that all site owners must follow while in our network.

    Spam and Solicitations
    • Posts which don’t make any sense at all and have no purpose.
    Sexual Content
    • Links to adult websites.
    • Links to websites containing sexual content or content that may be considered adult content.
    • Sheer or see-through clothing. (Boudoir Permitted)
    • Nudity. (Boudoir Permitted)
    • Illegal sexual content.
      Drugs and Alcohol
      • Posts promoting drug abuse and usage illegal, prescription and herbal.
      • Linking to sites that sell tobacco products.
      • Linking to sites that sell drug paraphernalia.
      • Linking to sites that primarily sell beers, spirits directly from their website.
      Piracy and Other Illegal Content
      • Piracy of software, games and any other illegal download discussion including but not limited to
        torrent discussion, newsgroups, peer to peer sharing, etc.
      • Discussion of hacking, cracking and related content.
      • Copyrighted material that you do not have permission to share publicly or freely with others.
      Violence, Hate, Bullying, and Weapons
      • Posted material containing violent content such as breaking bones, getting hit by cars and
        trains, receiving serious injuries, gory videos, and images.
      • Linking to sites which sell firearms and weapons.
      • Posting instructions on how to injure or kill. You will be reported to authorities.
      • Posting hate speech in text form.
      • Posts condoning or promoting violence.
      • Harassment or promoting the act of harassment.
      • Promotion of hatred against others or groups of people.
      • Attacks of sexual preferences of others or gender identity.
      • All bullying and promotion of bullying.
      • We reserve the right to shut off your website and delete your data if you are found in violation of any of our rules.
      • We are not responsible for lost data, be sure to keep a local copy of your content. If you need help backing up your site, feel free to contact us and we will walk you through the process.
      • Any content that is posted that violates US law will be reported to authorities.
      • If your site uses too many resources, whether that is CPU time, Bandwidth, storage, or anything else, we will contact you to find a solution.
      • We reserve the right to shut down your site for any reason at any time.
      • If you wish to cancel your hosting with us and receive a refund, you must do it within 24 hours of the renewal/purchase. If you do not contact us within that 24 hour period your hosting will remain active and a refund will not be possible.
      • Refunds of design services are not possible after a site’s design has been fully fleshed out. 
      • If your site starts to outgrow its predetermined server resources, we will contact you and you may need to upgrade your package to something with more resources.