Qeustions and Answers

Can I have my own news blog?

Sure thing! Request a site now and start informing the world!

Can I have an image blog?

Of course! Feel free to share whatever images you like! As long as they comply with our rules.

Can I have a site for my portfolio?

Absolutely! Feel free to request a site and start sharing your work with the world.

Do you have access to my site?

Yes, we do. To ensure webmasters are following our rules & policies, as well as, perform regular maintenance, we do have an account on your site.

Is my site backed up?

If you have purchased a hosting package with website backup, then yes it will be backed up based on the information of that package. We highly recommend keeping your content on your local machine as well, just in case.

Can I host audio & Video?

Properly optimized audio and video files are allowed. Be careful to not use all your storage space!
Also, you need to own the rights to host said audio or video.

How do I optimize my images?

Use a program like jpegmini or an online service like this.